Motorcycle Theft

The market for stolen bikes right now is so big, it is ridiculous! Most bikes get taken around 2:00-3:30 am when no one is up looking out the windows. The thieves will first drive around and look for bikes they and/or their customers want. Then they will return with their van and three or four other guys to help throw the bike in the back of van. It is a one, two, three process taking no longer than 5 minutes. Once the thieves have your bike, they take it home, pop the ignition, get a new ignition done. Get the bike stamped up through the junk yard, get a new salvage title, new numbers and that’s it.

Thieves are looking at: R1s, R6, CBR600. Looking at anything that is fast. Most thieves are into the fast Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki bike. Not the Harley, Buell, Triumph. Why? because that is the bike scene. The customer will tell the theif what they want. Most will charge $100 per cc of engine the bike has. The Hayabusa is $1500 on top. R6 will cost you $600.

Easiest place to snatch a bike is from an apartment complex. Thieves have cutters for all the high-end cable locks. A screw driver will pop any Kryptonite lock. People think that gated communties are safe. They are not. The keypad entry sequence is easy to compromise. A decoy will enter the complex and get the security guard to work with him while his accomplices take the bikes while the guard is distracted. The bikes and thieves are gone and the guard loses his job the next day. This won’t happen if you’ve gone through Car Workshop Coorparoo they the latest locks to protect your bike from being snatched.

The next easiest place to steal a bike is at hotels. Alot of people attend bike events and leave their bikes parked in a dark-ass corner. Thieves love this. This is not very smart. This is the first place they are going to look.

The next easiest place is the track. About 6000 bikes at these tracks. The bike owners will leave their bike to go watch the events. The thief is watching your bike and watching where you are at. Their accomplice will make sure you stay at the track while the thief takes your bike. Thieves communicate by Nextel and keep each other informed as to the best opporutnity to steal your bike.

The safest place to put your bike to prevent it from being stolen is inside your house or your garage. Thieves will not waste time trying to break into your house to get your bike. If you have it in a complex or a storage unit, Yes, they will get it. If it is in your garage, they will not try to take it. Not worth taking the chance to get shot for your bike.

I thought this was a very interesting broadcast on bike thieves. When I lived in Sunnyvale, CA and owned my 1987 Kawasaki EX-500. I lived in an apartment complex. I had a car port. No garage. I had my bike locked to the support pole of the carport with a $80 high-end cable lock. I also had a $2 two-inch Masterlock on the front rotor of the bike. The Theives enter my complex with their pickup truck around 2:00 am. The bastards cut through the expensive cable lock with no problem at all. Do not waste your money on this crap. Next the thieves try cutting off the 2″ Masterlock on the front rotor. The bastards could not get a good angle and make enough noise to wake me. I look at and yell, “Your Busted.” They scatter like roaches. I call Sunnyvale’s finest, they catch the idiots speeding at 2:00 am down the expressway, find bolt cutters in the back. A clean bust. I go to court, the punks get sentenced, I get restitution and learn all the personal information on the theives. Go by where they live. Guess what? they live in a high-security condo complex. Go figure.

What have I learned from this:

Do not waste your money on expensive locks! — especially those crap cable locks.
Get a 2″ MasterLock and put it through your disk rotors. Those Kryptonite locks suck. Thieves make them so they can easily steal bikes.
Cover your bike. Out of sight, out of mind. If you see a van driving around your neighborhood at night, get the tags and report it.
The thieves that were after my bike could have easily picked the bike up once the cable was cut, despite the 2″ padlock still on the front rotor. I guess they were too stupid to realize this and paid for it by being gang raped in jail.