What To Know About ECU Motorsport Engineering Course

My name is James Norton and I am studying Motorsport Engineering at ECU. I’d say the passion for Motorsports started from my dad from a young age being into cars and I have come from the land of Sydney to do Motorsport and I have enjoyed it so far, it has been really good fun. The ECU Motorsport course is the sole qualified Motorsport course and is accredited almost around the world. Here at ECU we have got brilliant lecturers and support staff, I know they have been very helpful on a personal level and also a learning level.

We have the ability to go talk and learn and operate as a team and that is a really nice environment. With the prior experiences and tutorials we have in Motorsport, we have been always ready for action in our Motorsport Industry in the FSAE competition. The most beneficial aspect of studying here at ECU is the hands-on approach. The Formula SAE program that I am involved in has really well rounded me as an Engineer. Building a 600 cc Formula FSAE car that we race in globally is the major part of the course.

There are 550 teams and we are ranked 22nd out of 550. The biggest achievement for the group so far was bringing a race-car that we managed to invent over to Silverstone for the Formula Student contest. While we were over there, we fight and got the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Internal Combustion Engine Award, the Jaguar Land Rover Innovation and Internal Combustion Engine and also the best driver of the competition. To have the opportunity to use this entire equipment means you are much more world rounded as an Engineer when you come out of the course we are streets ahead of other people.

My advice will be if you are interested in the Automobile and Motorsport industry coming here and doing Motorsport Engineering at ECU gains a lot of advantages and a lot of real world experience that you can pull upon when you are in the industry.